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6 Bridezilla moments that you can totally be forgiven for

Are you recently engaged? Friends and family keep calling you ‘Bridezilla’? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and we’re here to let you know that no matter how ‘bridezilla’ you’ve been or are yet to be, your moments of madness are totally warranted.

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding isn’t an easy task. With so many people to please and so much to think about, your nearest and dearest should accept that you’ll have little mini dramas along the way. So without further ado, here are our favourite and 100% justified bridezilla moments…

  1. Diet meltdowns

Your wedding diet is ON and your mum is basically force-feeding you cake. “Mum, homemade cake doesn’t make it healthy.” “No sugar in my tea either, please.” Despite your polite suggestions, she serves you a tea with sugar and a small slice of cake. *Rolls eyes* It’s totally fine to immediately leave her house. Does she not understand how vital this wedding dress prep is?

  1. EVERYONE should be excited

Whenever you mention the word ‘wedding’, is it unreasonable to expect all friends and family to jump on board with total enthusiasm? No. After all, you only get married once and they should feel privileged to be invited to your one-off event. If they don’t buck up their ideas, they may as well not bother turn up on the day. Okay, that may be taking it a bit too far, but come on, look keen!

  1. Is everyone fully versed on the rules?

If you even get a hint of wayward activity from your guests then now’s the time to rein them in. No sneaking in alcohol to the venue, no tying your husband to a lamppost on his stag do, no offensive language in the speeches, no embarrassing stories and absolutely nobody wearing white, except the bride.

  1. Table plan drama

So you’ve got the table plan sorted six weeks in advance of the wedding, and you’re feeling smug. BAM. Your friend splits up with her boyfriend and refuses to be seated next to him; your sister gets a new boyfriend and wants him at the wedding. “Listen honeys, do you know how long it took for me to pull this together?” Tell them they’ll have to live with the table plan as it is.

  1. Unhappy bridesmaids

So one wants to make their dress shorter and the other wants to go off piste with the jewellery and hair plans. No. Plain and simple. It’s time to assert your authority. What you need is 100% support, not added pressure.

  1. It’s totally OK to be fussy

So your husband-to-be thinks you’re obsessing with wedding prep and asks you to chill. Hold up, it’s totally fine to double, triple, quadruple check with the venue’s dedicated Wedding Planner about the menu choices and final catering details. It’s fine to keep trying your dress on in case that tea with sugar that your mum made you had any lasting effects. It’s not obsessive, it’s being super organised.

It’s totally OK to feel under pressure at times. Having mini bridezilla moments are definitely forgivable, just remember that when the big day arrives, make sure you relax, enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible.


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