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5 signs he’s about to propose


Are you reaching that point in your life where all of your friends are getting hitched and getting engaged and you’re worrying that your time may never come? Fear not. If your other half has been acting a little out of the ordinary, then your time may be just around the corner. Here are the tell-tale signs that he’s on the verge of popping the question…

  1. He begins to take an interest in your jewellery taste

Ok, so after years of never commenting on your jewellery and ignoring the expensive and glamorous necklaces you’ve purchased over the years, he begins to comment on the rings you’re wearing and mentioning how dainty your fingers are. Alarm bells! Unless your boyfriend has always taken an interest in your accessories, other than the price, chances are he’s planning a proposal.


  1. Your friends start to ask you questions about what jewellery you like

Have your friends started bringing up the subject of engagement rings? So after trying to discover your jewellery tastes, and failing, the next point of call is your friends. He’ll probably contact your closest friends and encourage them to ask you inconspicuous questions about the type of engagement rings you’re into. Hopefully they’ll keep it subtle!


  1. You find out he’s been to your parents’ house without you

Does he usually go to your parents’ house without you? If not then this is a concrete sign he’s asking your Dad for his blessing. Exciting!


  1. Found him rifling through your jewellery box?

This is a sure sign he’s trying to find your ring size. If you find that one of your rings has gone missing, then he may have taken it to the jewellers to size up for the chosen ring!


  1. He’s booked a weekend away for the two of you on your anniversary

Right, you best start thinking about your wedding dress and venue. If all of the above weren’t enough giveaways, a spontaneous trip away on your anniversary definitely is. Remember to book in for a manicure before you fly away…


Open Day

If you want to marry in an exclusive wedding venue in Nottingham and think he may be on the verge of proposing, then why not get ahead of the game and attend our Viewing Day on Sunday 26th November? We will be open from 1pm to 4pm, where you will get the opportunity to see the bridal suite and all accommodation. There will also be a dedicated wedding planner on hand to talk you through your plans. Please contact us to book your place:

0115 930 6528

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