7 essential bridesmaid duties

Your bridesmaids should be your go-to-girls for advice and reliance. They should be there for you throughout your wedding planning and of course on the big day itself. So when it comes to choosing your bridesmaid or bridesmaids, make sure they’ll be willing to lend a hand with these essential bridesmaid responsibilities…

Wedding dress shopping

This is such an exciting time for a bride. With so many wedding fairs to go to and hundreds if not thousands of dresses to choose from, you need all the help, assistance and constructive opinions you can get. The more hands on deck to zip you up and tie you in, the quicker you’ll get to finding the one. So bridesmaids if you’re reading, it’s time to block out a few weekends to dedicate to your bestest!

The Hen Party

If you want your hen do to be a complete surprise, your bridesmaids will need to get their heads together to create a weekend that you’ll simply love. Alternatively, get them on board to help you plan the perfect weekend. From reserving restaurant tables to booking butlers in the buff, the hen party is where bridesmaids need to up their game.

DIY Duties

If you’re trying to keep costs down then DIY is the best way to go. From homemade invitations to DIY wedding favours, gather the troops and get crafting. If one of your bridesmaids is a dab hand at graphic design then perhaps kindly ask them if they could put together a quick wedding invitation for you. You could all plan designs together. Besides the work involved, a DIY evening is a great excuse to get the girls together for wine and a catch up!

Be the beacon of calm

If you’re the maid of hour or chief bridesmaid, you’ll have a big job on the wedding day of keeping the bride calm and reassured. On the morning of the wedding it’ll be your job to keep the bridesmaids in check and ensure that photographer, hairdresser and make-up artist all show up on time. Also, make sure that each bridesmaid and more importantly, the bride, have the right accessories and clothes ready for when it’s time to change.

At the ceremony duties

Bridesmaids will need to keep the flower girls and boys in check – bribery with sweets usually works! Make any necessary adjustments to the bride’s veil and dress so she looks immaculate for the walk down the aisle. And believe it not, it’s becoming more common for the bride and chief bridesmaid to make a speech alongside the groom and best man. So if you’re the chief bridesmaid, be prepared that you may have to say a few lines!

Create a party atmosphere

When the bride has her first dance, make sure you’re all on hand to dance with your chosen groomsmen, if that’s what the bride desires. Also, try and encourage a party atmosphere. From dancing on an empty dancefloor to coaxing the hesitant toe-tappers up for a boogie, you should try and get the evening in full swing.

The big clean up

Once the dust has settled from the night before, brides need to rely on their bridesmaids to help with the clean-up. We’re not talking mop and bucket, but decorations will need taking down and there will be items that you will want to take with you, as keepsakes. From flowers, name place cards to favours, it’ll all need boxing up if you want to take it with you.

So there you have it. Hopefully the above will go some way in helping you have the most special day of your life! For more wedding tips and unique wedding ideas head to the Swancar Farm news section.