Evening Celebration in the Oak Hall

Let the Party begin!


It is entirely up to you which guests you invite to the whole wedding day, and which are invited just to the evening reception. Your friends will be overjoyed just to be included in your special celebration and will love the fact that they haven’t missed the magical moment when you share your first dance together.

Whether you choose a band or DJ, dancing to your favourite tunes in this beautiful room will just be fabulous.

As your evening buffet is served some of your guests will head to the bar that is stocked with a range of popular beverages.

Let’s not forget your Wedding cake too! Once it has been cut by the newly married couple, our Event team will delicately slice it and serve it alongside your chosen evening food, that will make your celebration complete.


The Oak Hall: The Oak Hall can be accessed from the Courtyard, Orangery and the Lower Barn

✓ Accessible for Wheelchairs
✓ The Last orders at the Bar are at 11.30pm
✓ The Bar closes at Midnight.
✓ Music/entertainment ceases at midnight
✓ We have a resident DJ which is available to hire at your request
✓ Ample private parking for you and your guests –

Please note there are limited passing places so please drive slowly and courteously on arrival and departure. Please protect our wildlife and guests.


✓ Don’t forget to book your taxi’s for midnight! –
We have a range of companies we are happy to recommend to you
Directions and Map